Oops – End of the world re-scheduled



Well it has to happen!

All those people who are disappointed that the end of the world didn’t happen on the 21st have been given new hope.

Another chance to dress-up in silly clothes is coming – so all is not lost!!

If you are not doing anything on Sunday the 23rd the end of the world could happen then according to Carmen Rojas, an archaeologist with Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, she revealed that the Mayan’s calendar cycle might correspond to Sunday instead of the widely-rumoured Friday. The Mayan archaeological community believes that the surviving pillars showing the Mayan calendar’s dates may have been modified throughout history to suit the cultural or political interests of the day.

And if it still doesn’t happen…

You could always try again on the 1st January. According to followers of The Sword of God Brotherhood, the ‘Prophet Gabriel’ told the Brotherhood that the ‘dying time’ will happen on the 1st January and only members of the cult will survive, while everyone else perishes in ‘hellfire’.

So there are a couple of extra dates for the doomsday fanatics – at least the money spent on funny costumes won’t go to waste.

And if it STILL doesn’t happen…

Get on with life and make 2013 a time of positive change!! 

21.12.12 – THE BEGINNING


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