UK – More FASCIST population control proposed by the bullying UK government.

adsIt seems like the UK government is getting more and more out of control and power hungry.

In the latest proposals, the government (in particular the Work and Pensions Secretary, Duncan-Smith) has proposed a ‘Welfare Card’ that would restrict the spending of those receiving state benefits to what the government deems to be ‘essential items’, such as food, clothing, energy, travel, and housing.

Demonstrating how OUT OF TOUCH the government is with reality, the Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke suggested that all benefit claimants should have welfare cards to stop them buying ‘luxuries’ such as alcohol, cigarettes and satellite TV.

This is very easy for the likes of Shelbrooke to say when Tory MPs are screwing the tax payer out of over £65,738 in salaries each, plus expenses (which in Shelbrooke’s case were officially £8,107.41 for 2011 to 2012, plus another £7,000 for ‘stationary’) which we know are easy for THEM to fiddle, plus all the other freebies and concessions they no doubt ‘acquire’ as part of being in a position of influence – let alone any other commercial interests they have generating even MORE income. Not a bad earner at all.

So there is a government suck-up earning AT LEAST £80,000 per year (much of it claimable against tax or tax free) who DARES to have any perception of what living on state benefits is like.

We wonder when the last time was that he had to worry making welfare payments last in a world where everything is becoming more expensive BECAUSE of the likes of him miss-managing the country.

If we add the likes of Duncan-Smith, who earns considerably more taxpayers cash than Shelbrooke, and all the other lackeys –then we start to see where the taxpayers money goes – and all for stupid ideas that make life even HARDER for those struggling as a direct result of lack of government and the government getting the country into the mess it is in!


More and more control of those who are least able to defend themselves, or apparently have no power to do anything about it! Sounds like bullying to us.


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