US – Which children are worth the tears of a President?

326458-obamaWhen 20 US children get slaughtered by a ‘lone nut’ in the USA, the president suddenly finds compassion for the innocent. Are other children in the world not worth President’s tears?

Where were Obama’s tears for the tens of thousands of children who have died as a direct result of US warmongering, and as a result of sanctions imposed by the US, let alone the support for other warmongering regimes responsible for the death of more children?

When Obama spoke, his emotional rhetoric referred the US victims as “beautiful little kids” who had their whole lives ahead of them. Isn’t that the same for any child, or anyone else, who is prematurely slaughtered – wherever they come from?

Perhaps these people are worth a tear or two – the thousands who never wanted conflict – the thousands who want to live their lives in peace – the thousands who also had aspirations to become adults, parents, grandparents – the thousands who would have liked to have seen their next birthday in peace.

But no – obviously they are lesser beings not worth the tears of a President.

We have seen the same pattern time and time again. Some apparently ‘lone nut’ who happens to have access to powerful firearms (even though there are suspicions about his or her mental state – at least in retrospect), decides to slaughter students en-masse for no concrete reason, then commits suicide at the scene.

First it was adults being slaughtered, then teenagers, now primary school children. What next – babies? Is some ‘lone nut’ going to blast their way through a maternity hospital to make their actions more horrific than the last?

Each time this pattern emerges, questions need to be asked and addressed. But it seems the first subject that comes to the discussion table is gun control – take away the American’s right to bear arms.

Gun control is a hot topic in the US. The citizens want the right to bear arms, and the government wants to take it away. Whichever side of the fence you are on, the questions must be, how does a young, disturbed person get access to such death machines in the first place?

The second question must be – why are the lives of 20 US children more valuable than the lives of tens of thousands slaughtered directly and indirectly by the US government?

The tears of a President? Nothing more than showmanship.


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