CHINA – 500 members of Mayan Apocalypse sect arrested

JAPAN-CHINA-FALUNGONGThe Mayan Apocalypse prediction – boosted by the success of the 2009 Hollywood disaster film ‘2012’ in China – has given some minority sects particular popularity.

The underground group ‘Almighty God’ – which unofficial sources claim may have several hundred thousand members – held unsanctioned meetings for its followers, distributed warning leaflets and spread doomsday predictions through social media and text messages.

“Dec. 21 is approaching, and on that day half of the world’s good people will die, and all evil people will die out — only if you join the Almighty God movement can you avoid death and be saved,” reads a hand-out found in Shaoxing, in eastern China.

The sect, sometimes known as Eastern Lightning, claims to be an offshoot of Christianity, but would be barely recognizable to Western Christians. Founded in the late 1980s, it states that Jesus has been resurrected as a Chinese woman.

The group also advocates the destruction of the ‘Great Red Dragon,’ which is a euphemism for China’s ruling Communist regime – a radical position in a one-party state.

Chinese authorities have arrested more than 500 members of a doomsday cult in a nationwide crackdown.

They are not the only ones to take advantage of the craze. Several entrepreneurs have been marketing survival pods that will supposedly allow their buyers to last through the initial weeks of the apocalypse with their own shelter, food and heating.  With a cost of upwards of $30,000 per pod, sales have reportedly been low.

Read the full report on the RT website


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