UK – The great energy scam – when is something going to be done?

powerOur energy suppliers are making money from us at every opportunity. Every time a bit of cold weather is on the horizon, all of a sudden we see energy prices increased.

This is the problem when you privatise an essential service such as gas, electricity, water, and the transport infrastructure. Private companies hold the country to ransom and no one seems to do anything about it.

Does the government think we are as stupid as they are?

The public can see clearly that the energy companies are profiteering, and so can the government. However, the government seem to turn a blind eye, or come up with a weak and stupid explanation. They really do nothing at all – unless you count yet another quango where places are kept free for the old boy’s network.

It is blatantly obvious that those private companies who are operating our key infrastructure need to be controlled to stop them taking advantage of a captive market.

And what are the government doing about the cartels that obviously ensure that the members maximise their profits – with just a little bit of competition for effect in an attempt to fool the public that energy (and other essential services) are a competitive marketplace.

Ofem is probably a perfect example of how not to ‘regulate’ a service sector. It is a tiger that has no teeth at all. The only thing we see form Ofgem are occasional announcements. When did we ever see Ofgem do anything that had real meaning or substance? When did we ever see Ofgem protecting the consumer from profiteering and cartels? The answer: NEVER! And we (the public) are paying them to DO something.

In an article in the Daily Mail, the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group estimate that at least 300,000 people in the UK will be in fuel poverty by Christmas. What an artificial and ridiculous situation. The group also criticises the government for sitting on its backside and doing little to alleviate the situation.

As if the energy companies were not profiting enough, there will be an additional £12 average added to each energy bill for planned improvements to the gas and electricity network. We were always under the impression that our fuel bills included maintenance and future improvements – after all, there is enough margin in the profit for it.

As usual, all we get form the government is hot air and bullshit statistics. They DO nothing. But this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock considering the number of years this profiteering has been going on for. There are no doubt initiatives by cartels for the government not to intervene too much somewhere along the line!

We are being conned – and we have had enough!


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