UK – McAlpine on a nice earner again

article-2231288-11C0C8AF000005DC-555_308x425The latest to be sued by McAlpine is Sally Bercow for the nice round sum of £50,000 for apparently linking McAlpine to abuse in the famous care home case in a tweet.

McAlpine claims that Bercow’s tweet was libellous. The contents of which were (according to various newspapers) ‘Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face’, which she tweeted on 4th November.

According to McAlpine, his representatives have attempted to settle the matter out of court with Bercow – which she has refused to do and referred the matter to her solicitors.

No wonder she refused!

If Bercow had said that McAlpine is a paedophile or closely related to some other wrongdoing in some way, than fair enough, he would (if not involved) be entitled to redress. But claiming that Bercow’s tweet is libellous is beyond ridiculous.

If McAlpine is SO sensitive about being named, then perhaps he should shut-up and go back to his ‘quiet life’!

So far, he has settled for £185,000 from the BBC for NOT being publically named in anything, another £125,000 from ITV and Schofield for NOT being publically named in anything, and has the possibility of another £50,000 for NOT being implicated in anything.

That would make it a nice round £360,000 for NOTHING! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all earn that kind of money for NOT being publically named in anything at all!

Wouldn’t an apology from the BBC and ITV/Schofield have been enough? Oh no – of course not, because they could only have apologised for NOT naming him!

Then there is the matter of McAlpine’s request that those on Twitter with less than 500 followers who dared to mention his Lordship’s name should make a charitable donation. A statement by his lawyers “The fixed donation amount is yet to be assessed. However, this will be to Lord McAlpine’s charity of choice, BBC Children in Need, and will be in addition to an administration fee”

Why doesn’t McAlpine donate ALL of the ‘compensation’/profit he has made from NOT being named to charity? Not as though he needs the cash.

Oh yes – and let’s not forget all the free publicity for the book McAlpine wrote ‘The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business’ (there you are your Lordship – a nice little plug for you – and it’s FREE too) from which there has been many a quote concerning the current tactics of McAlpine.

This whole McAlpine affair stinks of ‘old boys club’ manipulation, and optimises what is wrong with the UK today.


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