HEALTH – Brain power boosted by aerobic exercise

aerobicsResearchers have concluded that aerobic exercise can provide a simple method for improving cognitive functioning.

In a review by Hayley Guiney and Liana Machado from the University of Otago, New Zealand, published in ‘Psychonomic Bulletin & Review’, the researchers concluded that the evidence that aerobic exercise improves cognitive functioning in older generations is insurmountable, but the beneficial results were not replicated in children or young adults.

Society tends to accept that there will be some deterioration in cognitive functioning in older adults, but this does not have to be the case as certain functions of the brain benefit significantly from aerobic exercise. In particular, areas related to task-switching, selective switching, and working memory, as well as other areas.

Using standardised mental testing, the researchers found that subjects who maintained their physical fitness by aerobic exercise scored higher than those who were less fit.

3 thoughts on “HEALTH – Brain power boosted by aerobic exercise

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