BELGIUM – Supermarket chain Lidl feed 10,000 poor

11150-000003d40-c7b6_lidlDiscount supermarket chain Lidl launched a 24 hour Twitter campaign in Belgium on Monday, saying it would hand out five four-course Christmas dinners to food banks for each tweet on a hash tag.

Each dinner pack consisted of tomato soup, vol-au-vents with chips, an ice-cream cake and chocolates, usually retailing at 20 Euros each.

After news about the promotion was published in local newspapers, 1,500 people had tweeted, which equalled 7,500 dinners.

There were rumours that Lidl had not expected the high response, which Lidl denied and increased the free dinner packs to 10,000. The dinners will be delivered to food banks.

We say good for Lidl! Whatever the motivation behind it, it is good to see some effort from big corporations in making what is supposed to be a time of good will better for the less well-off in society. More corporations (especially supermarkets) should follow Lidl’s example.


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