SYRIA – Here we go again. First Iraq, now Syria, and then Iran?

Well this gets harder and harder to believe. The excuse given by the UK and the USA to pre-empt military action against Syria is that they have chemical weapons. They have not used them, they have said they will not use them, there is no evidence they are preparing to use them.

Didn’t we have a similar explanation from the UK and USA when they wanted to invade Iraq? The ‘authorities’ said Iraq had nuclear weapons, they invaded Iraq, there were no nuclear weapons.

Iran? Will they be next on the ‘hit list’? The UK and USA say Iran has nuclear ‘capability’. There is no evidence they have an active nuclear weapons programme, there is no threat from Iran (despite provocation by the USA), Iran has stated it will only defend itself (no expression of nuking the world).

Isn’t it just a bit strange that Israel is KNOWN to have UNDECLARED nuclear weapons, yet the UK and USA seem not to be too concerned about a state that has demonstrated their aggression and has publically declared they are intent on ‘wiping out’ another race. Israel is a country that is known for INSANE acts of violence on a whim, yet the UK and USA have no interest in Israel’s nuclear capabilities.

The strange thing is, the UK and USA use the SAME excuse for invading Arab states again and again. Either they just don’t care what anyone thinks and are going to invade them anyway; they are so stupid that they think no one will notice the connections, they have no imagination, or they are keeping to a plan to wipe out or control the Middle East.

Whatever the reason the UK and USA come up with for invading Arab countries in the Middle East, it will be treated by scepticism. Time and time again they have tried to provoke a reaction from Iran, the major (and strongest) country in the region – yet Iran has not demonstrated any aggression to any other nation for over 200 years – more than can be said for the UK and USA!

When will this MADNESS end?



2 thoughts on “SYRIA – Here we go again. First Iraq, now Syria, and then Iran?

  1. This must be the most ridiculous distortions I have read to date. Why don’t you just admit you’re a muslim troll pretending to be non-muslim and advocating “truth and rights”. How utterly ridiculous!

  2. You demonstrate your ignorance of the world very well.

    As with Muslim extremists (or any kind of extremism) you base your views on distorted propaganda, rather than having any real knowledge.

    No Muslims here. In fact, we don’t consider religion as being important in human interaction. It is, and should remain, a personal thing that people do in private.
    Perhaps that’s the problem. Extremists on all sides use religion as a tool for their own agendas, whether in the west or the Middle-East.

    In between extremes are ordinary people who have the same basic needs. Unfortunately, they get caught-up in the political bullshit.

    Our knowledge of the Middle-East is based on spending time there with ordinary people living their normal everyday lives. It is based on fact and experience, and not distorted propaganda and hysteria.

    You claim in your blog that Muslim immigration is a problem which needs to be solved. If that is so, you should look to your own government and ask yourself why they allowed the ‘problem’ to develop in the first place, and why they allow known extremists to live among us.

    Perhaps you should also ask why they have been financing al-Qaeda (via the CIA ‘Operation Cyclone’ etc.) from the late 1970s to today – which is documented fact.
    We agree, that uncontrolled immigration to any country creates problems – but the right questions have to be asked of the right people.

    Ask your government why they allowed immigration when they were well informed of the problems of extremism and there was no shortage of labour – ask them who issued visas to well-known extremists and terrorists – ask them why they allow extremists to preach their hatred and radicalise easily influenced citizens – ask them why they allow ‘minorities’ to be given ‘special treatment’ instead of treating everyone equally – ask your government why they are doing so little about illegal immigration when they have more than enough resources to control the situation.

    Before you judge every Muslim in the world as being the same with evil objectives, get to know what ordinary Muslims (or any other religious group or ethnic group) thinks and wants from life. Then you may actually learn something based in reality.

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