FREEDOM – TECHNOLOGY – The USA is spying on you – wherever you are.

cloud-computing-charactersYou may be aware that the USA spies on its own citizen’s internet activity, but they also spy on the internet activity of other citizens of other countries, wherever they may be.

If you think that the only authorities that spy on your internet use are those in your country, think again.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands have condemned the United States for allowing the controversial Patriot Act to bypass foreign laws and let Americans intercept data from persons internationally.

The Institute for Information Law at the university claim that the privacy protection offered to the citizens of other countries has been seriously compromised by the US Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

If you store information on a cloud service that has servers located in the USA, then the servers (and of course their contents) fall under the jurisdiction of the US.

During an interview with CBS News, Alex Arnbak, one of the research paper’s authors said “Most cloud providers, and certainly the market leaders, fall within the US jurisdiction either because they are US companies or conduct systematic business in the US. In particular, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act (FAA) makes it easy for US authorities to circumvent local government institutions and mandate direct and easy access to cloud data belonging to non-Americans living outside the US, with little or no transparency obligations for such practices – not even the number of actual requests.”

More at the RT website, and the original research at the Social Science Network’s website


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