21.12.12 – No apocalypse – only change.

Mayan-CalendarThere has been so much hype and fuss around 21st  December 2012 that is has become difficult to separate the fact from fiction. The doom mongers have predicted everything from Earth being hit by a rogue lump of rock from space, to sun spots wiping out our highly technical world, and time stopping (and just about anything in between).

All of this because the Mayans ended their ‘long-count’ calendar on a date that naturally ends the calendar and starts all over again – resetting to zero. The Mayans didn’t predict anything – certainly not the end of the world – only the end of their calendar.

It is the interpretation of the ending of the calendar through centuries of pseudo-science and myth that has propagated totally unfounded theories that the world will end in some way.

In fact, according to the Mayan calendar, 12th December 2012 is a new beginning.

Namika Raby, a cultural anthropologist and professor at California State University, suggests that the Mayan culture valued time differently than most modern western societies, which leads to misinterpretation of the calendar. “In cultures like Maya, they don’t value the time but more of what can be done in that time,” Raby said. “People and human relationships are more important.”

A much more plausible explanation is that the end of the Mayan calendar marks the start of change. The Mayans believed in transformation and renewal, and that the transformation occurs in cycles. There are still many pure descendants of the Maya living in the highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas, still speaking Mayan languages and still following the sacred 260 day Mayan calendar.

This cycle of change has more meaning when a basic understanding of Mayan culture is applied. Mayan culture values people and relationships, and this is reflected in their folklore and interpretation of cosmic events.

Perhaps the meaning is that it is time or an opportunity for humanity to change, or rediscover itself. Perhaps it is time to change the selfish and materialistic world into a world where people are considered more important than wealth and status. Perhaps it is a time where humanity has to discover it’s deep and natural love and start to be truly free.

The 21st December 2012 is not far away. It will be interesting to see who in the work WAKES UP to the truth of reality and starts to DO something about it.


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