USA – Kitten Cam an internet hit

article-2244438-16649DBF000005DC-644_634x399You may not have heard of them, but kittens Basil, Mace, Sage and pepper have become an internet phenomenon since their owner streamed their adventures via Livestream 24 hours a day.

John Bartlett, the owner, set up the webcam in their playpen after the kittens mother (a stray named Rosemary) gave birth to the four kittens on 8th October so he could keep an eye on them, and see how they behaved when humans were out of the room. John said ‘But then I got to thinking that why not make the Kitten Cam available for anyone to watch at any time?’ The first incarnation of the Kitten Cam came online October 2011 on Livestream’s original service using a free account.”

The kittens now have 18,000 followers from around the world and up to 7000 visitors a day watch the kittens antics. John went on to say ‘I’ve been told by many viewers that the Kitten Cam has helped them through tough points in their life, such as a pet or family member passing. On the flip side, I’ve also been told by many viewers that they’ve had a hard time studying for tests, falling behind on their TV shows, and staying up way too late, because the kittens are playing.’

More information on this post (including pictures and video of the kittens) is on the Daily Mail website


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