JAPAN – The iPhone case you can eat – a crackers idea!

article-2244464-1664D524000005DC-834_306x370An enterprising Japanese business woman in Japan has developed an iPhone case you can eat.

The case is made from Japanese brown rice and salt. The idea came to artisan called ‘Mariko’ as a way to survive in case an iPhone owner is trapped because of a natural disaster. So she decided to call it the ‘Survival Senbei’.  Although the cracker may not help ti iPhone to survive too well.

Senbei are traditional Japanese rice crackers that are popular with older Japanese, and Mariko hopes that her new invention will encourage youngsters to appreciate the snack.

The case is available to buy online at a price of about £30 (plus shipping). However, Mariko points out that she can not guarantee that the case will reach buyers in perfect condition because they are so fragile. Delivery can take up to a month because Mariko says she can only make about three good cases a day.

More on this post at the Daily Mail website 

If you really feel the need to buy one, you can get them online at the Japan Trend Shop


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