RUSSIA – Male swan hatches offspring and takes care of them by himself

11bgMYSBRHI-W017_GO_351979eAn Australian Black swan that was part of a pair given to the southern Russian city of Sochi four years ago has hatched the five eggs by him and his partner and is taking care of them, contrary to the male’s natural role.

Unfortunately, the pen of the pair was attacked and killed by a stray dog as she was trying to protect her eggs.

At first, the employees at the resort were concerned about what to do with the eggs, and then the father stepped in and took up the role of hatching. Since then, he has taken care of the young and is now teaching them to swim.

Ornithologists say black swan males sometimes hatch eggs while their partners are resting. But females do not entrust the eggs to them for long periods of time, as males are considered bad hatchers. They usually forget to roll the eggs regularly, or otherwise hatch them incorrectly.

The resorts manager told Russia’s Channel One TV “We were in panic. We didn’t know what to do. We felt like hatching the eggs ourselves!”


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