JAPAN – Dogs get their own Christmas cake

Kenji, a six-year-old dog, looks at a Christmas cake at a restaurant in TokyoA pastry chef at an Italian restaurant in Japan came up with the idea to make special dog-friendly Christmas cake (leaving out chocolate and alcohol) for dogs.

The chef, Naohiko Nagatani said “The birth rate’s declining here in Japan, so dogs have pretty much become like children and people want to share Christmas with them. But if it’s just the humans eating cake, the dogs put on a really sad face. They want to have some themselves and get upset if you don’t give them cake too.”

Japan’s Christmas cake is usually based on sponge laden with whipped cream. Nagatani first started selling the special cake six years ago and it has proved very popular. This year, 70 of them have already been sold with a price tag of 6,000 yen each (approx. £45)!

One owner who likes to treat her six-year-old mongrel, Kenji said, “I share out the cake between us, take photos and shoot videos to capture the moment.  But to be honest, I probably enjoy it more than him.”

Photo Courtesy of Reuters


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