MEDITATION – The world’s happiest man – probably.

happiestmanAccording to researchers at University of Wisconsin who conducted a study of hundreds of advanced meditation practitioners, French monk, Matthieu Ricard is the world’s happiest man.

The results of scans on Matthieu Ricard, showed that his brain produces a level of gamma waves (which are linked to consciousness, learning and memory) that have never been reported before in neuroscience literature, according to neuroscientist Richard Davidson.

Ricard’s left prefrontal cortex showed excessive activity when compared to the right, which researchers believe gives him an abnormally large capacity for happiness. Ricard told French press agency AFP “We have been looking for 12 years at the effect of short and long-term mind-training through meditation on attention, on compassion, on emotional balance. We’ve found remarkable results with long-term practitioners who did 50,000 rounds of meditation, but also with three weeks of 20 minutes a day, which of course is more applicable to our modern times.”

More on this article at the Daily Mail’s website


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