SCIENCE – Making music together connects brains

220px-Modern_Classical_Guitar_121A study has discovered that people who make music together are connected and coordinated by the group’s brainwaves.

In Berlin, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development demonstrated that guitarists playing duets and connected by electrodes would synchronise to each other’s brainwave patterns.

The study noted that there was a difference between the ‘leader’ and the ‘follower’ playing the duet. The author of the study, Johanna Sänger said “In the player taking the lead, synchronization of brain waves measured at a single electrode was stronger, and already present before to the duet started to play.” This was particularly true for delta waves, which are located in the frequency range below four Hertz. “This could be a reflection of the leading player’s decision to begin playing.” Sänger thinks.

Sänger went on to say “We assume that different people’s brain waves also synchronise when people mutually coordinate their actions in other ways, such as during sport, or when they communicate with one another.”

More information is on the website of the Max Planck Institute


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