UK – Schools must BRAINWASH kids or lose funding

HONG KONG-CHINA-POLITICS-EDUCATION-PROTESTFrom 2013 all free schools in England MUST teach evolution as a ‘comprehensive and coherent scientific theory’. If schools present the ‘creationist myth’ (not our words) that ‘God’ made the world (or anything else of that ilk) they will face severe financial sanctions or lose government funding.

As readers of this blog will know, we take no stance on the validity of religious beliefs or the creation of humanity. Finding out ‘truth’ is a personal journey and people chose to follow many different paths.

The point here is that the scientific community and their theories are being presented to vulnerable youngsters as the ‘right and only way’ to the exclusion of all other possibilities. They seem to ignore the FACT that the knowledge of the scientific community is still fairly primitive when it comes to humanity. They also seem to ignore the FACT that science theories and ‘laws’ are often proved wrong as scientific disciplines develop.


In presenting the scientific theory (note the word THEORY) of evolution as the only way to see the world, not only are they telling young people that they should reject the ‘creationist myth’ and ‘God’, they are also telling them that anything that could be considered ‘spiritual’ or a ‘natural connection’ between humans and other energies is also wrong and is to be disbelieved.

This will result in young people BEING INDOCTRINATED and developing only one possible answer for the world they live in, and they will be programmed to automatically reject any other evidence or theory.

By limiting the belief systems of vulnerable young people, they become more accepting of what they are told by ‘authority’ figures as the ‘one and only way’, reducing their instinct and capacity to question the world around them – and what they are told by so-called ‘authority figures’.

This equally applies to ‘faith schools’, who indoctrinate the young with only one possibility in a world that is full of possibilities.

595184398_baa8707f72_oOur young are developing human beings and they need to be allowed to explore as many possibilities and answers as they can so they can THINK FOR THEMSELVES and make up their own minds. They don’t need to be dumbed down any more by becoming information robots.  We are already seeing the result of the intentional dumbing down process of our young (and not so young).

Many of the problems the world faces today are because people have been dumbed down and blindly accept what they are told.



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