UK – Child abuse by the powerful and famous

It has been a time when the rash of accusations against those in power and the famous has exploded into the headlines of the UK mainstream press like no other time before.

As well as those named by the mainstream press, there has been speculation and accusations in alternative press that others in the world of politics, church, entertainment, sport, and other walks of life have been involved in direct abuse, or have been complicit in the sexual abuse of our young people.

It is incredible that those who we are supposed to trust to look after our wellbeing, and those who children may look to as role models, are engaged in purposeful and systematic abuse for their own sick gratification.

Perhaps the perpetrators of these indecent acts would not have indulged their sick fantasies if it were not for the fact that they felt safe, they felt protected from the justice that ‘ordinary’ citizens would have to face if caught for the same thing.

It has already been proved that those who are supposed to police our society ‘missed opportunities’ to apprehend the abusers. Perhaps ‘missed opportunities’ really means that the authorities were either afraid, or warned off, pursuing investigations into powerful people.

This proves that there is an ‘elite’ system operational and still going strong within the UK. The reports we have been hearing over the past couple of months or so is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be others – many others – involved in the abuse of our children who are protecting themselves, calling in favours, making sure they batten down the hatches until this storm blows over so they can carry on their sick lives.

The sad fact is that those with power who have the intention of engaging in any kind of abuse (not just sexual) of anyone (not just children) will find a way to indulge in their depraved fantasies. There will always be someone somewhere who will provide what they want in exchange for ‘favours’ and other incentives. Those in power swim in dark waters that we know nothing of , and would find the level of depravity difficult to comprehend.

It is futile to expect those in power to police themselves and take real action against the depraved. It is no use expecting the abuse to stop of its own accord – it won’t. It will change shape, become a different beast and carry on with its depraved wanton cravings.

It is not only the UK that is experiencing this explosion of abuse exposure. Many other countries in the world have people in power who have recently been exposed as depraved perverts. Guess what? The same pattern emerges each time. Supposed ‘missed opportunities’ and the network of the powerful protecting themselves until other news becomes fashionable and they can carry on with their abuse.

The world of the powerful is not confined to one country, or even one continent. This is a global operation that caters to those who have the money to afford it and the power to try and cover it up. If the worst comes to the worst they will implement ‘damage limitation’, possibly sacrificing the occasional member of their elite club – but they will be well looked after for their sacrifice and their contribution to the elite club of abusers.

Be under no illusion, these are powerful people who can afford what they need and have contacts worldwide.


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