UK – More biometric cyber security planned

A specialist cyber security research centre at the University Of Southampton in the UK, is one of eight universities to received government funding for biometric research.

The UK government has stated that it has prioritised cyber security which covers bank and border security as well as security for the nation’s IT system that runs the critical national infrastructure.

While biometric security has been available for a long time, in the form of fingerprint and face recognition, the government wants this research to strengthen the way biometrics are used, and find new ways of using biometrics to monitor the population’s activities. The government are also trying to sell the idea by stating that one of the aims is to make cyber space safer for consumers.

As part of the research grant package, the universities will have a close working relationship with the government’s central monitoring centre GCHQ.

Vladimiro Sassone, director of the Southampton University research centre receiving government funding claims “Attempts to tear down national infrastructures of entire countries are actually happening.” Whilst that may be true, as we know from experience, the concept of a ‘great enemy’ attacking us from all sides has been the central theme of many government initiatives recently, and it is hardly surprising that this could be seen as another government attempt to introduce more control over what the population will and will not be allowed to do in the future.

Professor Nixon of the same university stated “But it’s early days and it takes people a while to become happy with new technology.”

Another interpretation could be that the gradual introduction of control technology will make people more compliant when we get to the inevitable stage of being chipped like dogs!

More on this:

BBC News


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