UK – Free speech a thing of the past in the UK

Some of the arrests under Section 5 of The Public Order Act in the UK are ludicrous and severely restrict the right of free speech in the supposed democracy.

This is a sign that we are constantly being told what to think by the government in an attempt to restrict any criticism of the state.

Some very examples of how stupidly far this has gone are:

  • Oxford University Student arrested for asking a police officer ‘Excuse me, do you realise your horse is gay?”
  • A 16 year-old was arrested and fined £200 for saying ‘woof’ to a Labrador within earshot of a police officer. Arrested and fined £200.
  • Police arrested a 16 year-old for displaying a placard  with the words ‘Scientology is a dangerous cult’ outside the Church of Scientology’s UK headquarters.
  • Members of a gay group (Outrage!) help while protesting against 6,000 supporters of Islamist fundamentalists Hizbut-Tahiri. Their placards claiming the group incited the murder of gays were deemed insulting and likely to cause distress.
  • Christian street preacher Dale McAlpine was charged after telling a passer-by that homosexuality was a sin.
These are a few examples of how silly the politically correct brigade have contributed to the dumbing down of society in the UK. A place where having a normal conversation or debate is becoming increasingly difficult.
For goodness sake – what is going on?
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