Gaza – Israel’s Genocide Madness Continues

It seems that the only mantra the psychopathic Zionist leaders of Israel know is ‘destroy, destroy, and destroy’.

In another night of attacks, the Israeli’s have managed to wipe out a significant number of Palestinian people – including murdering an innocent family by sending a missile into their home.

What will the Zionists do next? Concentration camps, medical experiments on children?

It seems that many Israeli people have been brainwashed into thinking the only solution to their ‘problem’ is to completely and utterly obliterate any race/country who they think may be a problem or a threat! Does that sound familiar!

Nazism is still alive and well in the Zionist state of Israel!

DO NOT blame the Jewish people – they are as much victims of the Zionist controllers as anyone else in the world!

The latest reports of these atrocities can be read:

BBC: here

RT: here