Don’t blame the Jewish people for Israel’s actions.

We should NEVER blame the people for the state’s actions. This applies to ANY state – even the one you live in. There will be those who support the state, and there will be those who do not support the actions of their ‘representatives’.

Whatever part of the world you are in your government will develop policies and make decisions that you may not necessarily agree with. That is the same for the people of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community right now.

Israel has portrayed itself as a Jewish state. It is not – it is a Zionist state. If you don’t know what that means then look it up in the internet – educate yourself.

The Jewish people of the world are as much victims of propaganda and control as the people of any other nation in the world. There are things that we are told and tend to believe that turn out to be lies and manipulation to enable the ‘state’ to control us or further the interests of those in power.

Fortunately, there are many people (and many more by the day) that are no longer accepting that what we are force fed through media is true, or that our governments have our best interests at heart.

There are many Jewish and Israeli people who are appalled at what is happening in Israel. They have had enough of lies and deceit so those in power can gain more power. They have had enough of false accusations against their neighbours. But perhaps you don’t see that on the mainstream, government controlled media.

So don’t blame the Jewish or Israeli people for the actions of the Zionist (aka Nazi) controllers of Israel.

In fact, don’t blame people of any race, religion or creed for the actions of those in control that probably have other agendas.

It doesn’t matter what belief system (if any at all) we use to get to the same place – the truth – we are all one humanity.

Take a look at these Facebook  links for more information on some of the opposition to the Israeli government and their actions against Palestine and the rest of the world. There are many more if you look.

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