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Slave Britain. DISGRACE! Ex-soldier has benefits cut for selling poppies (#uk #britain #ids)

56324A former soldier had his Jobseekers Allowance stopped because he dedicated twenty four hours of his time selling poppies to raise money for ex-servicemen and women.

Ex-Fusilier, Stephen Taylor, 60, who served his country in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Kenya is now behind in his rent and is relying on support from a special Armed Forces fund to survive.

Under the ridiculous and callous benefit rules, the Jobcentre claimed that selling poppies took Mr Taylor away from actively seeking work – part of the conditions of receiving the benefit.

Mr Taylor told the Daily Star newspaper “The allowance is not very much, but when you don’t have much, it means a lot. It is all wrong. You volunteer and sell poppies to remember people and friends you have lost. You can apply for every job that is going, but it is another thing actually getting one.”

It is a disgrace that someone who, with the best intentions and who has served their country and government, is penalised for trying to support those who are victims of government war policies and who have been rejected by the system they served.

The Jobcentre staff/benefits system would rather that Mr Taylor spent time in a fruitless search for low-paid, demoralising slave work than doing something that makes a real difference to many peoples lives.

This is the state of the nation. Turning people from doing the ‘right thing’ to make life a little easier for those less fortunate to becoming machines of the slave system.

This speed with which this police state is coming upon us is concerning, and the current government are constantly trying to social engineer the country so only those at the very top of the tree benefit.

If we penalise those who are doing something to help improve society for all humans, then what hope is there for humanity if they sit back and do nothing.

Good people who do nothing let bad people do bad things – and this is the state we are in at the moment.

It will be the normal citizens like Mr Taylor – like you – who will be the victims.

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