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#Greenwald vs #Newsnight: Possibly the worst and most biased interview in the history of the #BBC?


In recent years, the BBC have been gathering something of a reputation as being the propaganda machine for the UK government – which is hardly surprising when the BBC’s operating budget is controlled by politicians in Westminster.

The supposedly once respected and ‘professional’ news organisation has rapidly declined into nothing more than yet another propaganda channel – where ‘reporters’ do nothing more than regurgitate  government press releases and repeat ‘appropriate’ opinion.

The BBC may be OK (at best) when it comes to reporting factual events, like the latest football scores or that the millionth Raspberry Pi has been made – but venture into any subject which is remotely political and bias and ignorance of the BBC and its ‘reporters’ really starts to shine through.

Such was the case on the recent Newsnight programme when Glen Greenwald agreed to be interviewed live by presenter Kirsty Wark on October 4th this year.

The best thing to do is watch the interview and decide for yourself. Our opinion is that Kirsty Wark seemed totally unaware of any information concerning Greenwald and Edward Snowden other than that fed to her by the show’s producers. The questions were ridiculous and inane and Walk tried to control the interview and steer clear of any government criticism. Fortunately for us, Greenwald totally destroyed her and gave her a little lesson in what journalism is supposed to be about.

or you can watch it on the official BBC webpage here.

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