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WAKE UP! The reality of UK government – KILL THE POOR!


Stephanie Botrill – R.I.P.

It is time for people to WAKE UP and get off their arses and DO something about the psychopathic, sociopathic, and down-right manipulative and corrupt members of the UK government.

In a tragic event, on the 2nd May Stephanie Botrill committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a truck on the M6 motorway.

Why? Because of the bullying socio-engineering policies of Ian Duncan Smith and his cronies.

Stephanie could not afford the extra £20 per week ‘Bedroom Tax’ she had to find in order to keep living in the home where she had lived and cared for her family for 18 years.

A few days prior to her death, Stephanie told neighbours that she could not afford to live anymore. After struggling to maintain the basics of life, the ‘Bedroom Tax’ was the last straw and tipped Stephanie over the edge.

Stephanie left her home in Solihull, put her house keys and a note through a neighbour’s letter box, and walked for 15 minutes until she reached Junction 4 of the M6 motorway. At 6:15am, Stephanie took her final step into the path of a north-bound truck.

In a letter to her son, Stephanie wrote “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government – no one else.”

In an interview with the Sunday People, Stephanie’s son told how his mother was struggling to make ends meet. He said, “She was fine before this Bedroom Tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses. They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.”

Stephanie’s suicide is the first that is directly attributable to the abominable government policies which affect the poor and vulnerable in society. Only five weeks after the ‘Bedroom Tax’ has been introduced we have the first tragedy.

Duncan Smith is responsible for this.

In attempts to deceive the public, Duncan Smith has blatantly lied, falsified statistics, and made unfounded arguments to fuel his psychopathic obsession. He does not care about anyone except himself and his cronies – ensuring that the well-off any anyone who can be of use to him and his cronies.

Stephanie’s blood is on Duncan Smith’s hands. There can be no excuses, no justification, and no getting away from this fact through churning out more lies from the spin machine. Stephanie’s death, and more deaths to come, were and are foreseeable and preventable.s colleagues in the future is well looked after.

Duncan Smith, Cameron and the rest of Cameron’s government know damn well that their nepotistic and sociopathic policies will result in people being unable to cope and will result in deaths, either through suicide or through a rise in crime as people struggle to survive.

No more lies – no more political waffle – no more manipulation and deception. WE the PEOPLE have had enough!


It is a deeply sad time for the people of the UK, and our condolences go to Stephanie’s family.

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We are just everyday people who have realised the world is not as it is presented to us by government and media. Our aims are: To raise awareness of the truth behind world events to the public To use (where possible) reliable and verifiable sources of information. To give honest and unbiased comment. To promote a shift in public attitudes from the ‘self’ to the wider concept of consciousness. To promote real thought about subjects that matter to the people of the world. To promote universal peace and respect. To help expose those who manipulate society. We believe: Government based on humanity not profit Equal human rights for ALL people Natural resources should be managed – not monetised GMO food crops and products should be banned Infrastructures (such as power, health, water and rail etc.) should be nationalised, not privatised Education should be non-secular, although encourage humanistic and spiritual development, and cover a wide range of practical and artistic subjects Laws should be based on humanistic principles, and punishments should be appropriate The time is fast approaching where all of us are going to have to WAKE UP and make choices about how the future is going to be

One comment on “WAKE UP! The reality of UK government – KILL THE POOR!

  1. Please sign the petition that I have started calling for IDS to be sacked after the suicide of Stephanie Botrill, a disabled woman who threw herself under a lorry as she could not pay the bedroom tax nor find and alternative, smaller home. Please send the petition to your email/social network contact lists.


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