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CHANGE – Become the change you want to see in the world

By Vanessa Petronelli

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” ~ Ghandi

Illustration by: Noah

Illustration by: Noah

Ghandi’s powerful and straightforward quote etches a profound and deep imprint for the fate of humanity. For years, I, like many others complained and became frustrated by the daily events that have unfolded and continue to unfold on our planet. It is easy to fall into the trap of blaming and feeling powerless, thinking that we cannot make a difference in the world. The world you see, hear and read about in mainstream media is one of struggle, separation, violence and fear. How can we feel empowered as individuals when we are bombarded daily with images and stories of human beings suffering around the world and in our own backyards? It’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless when you have roles and responsibilities that consume most of your day and you can’t be, “out there,” making a difference and changing the system actively.

Majority of the population are not activists, or in an authoritative role as a well-known figure or philanthropist. Because of this, many believe that they can’t make a difference in the world for they simply don’t have the time, energy, means or support to do so. But this is all an illusion. This illusion has been created by those who have made the structures that are currently in place on this planet that are keeping us in a state of fear, suffering and of separation. It has been designed this way for those in power to stay in control and for us to view ourselves as beings that are subjected to what is taking place outside of us. We are conditioned from an early age to believe that in order to have a voice and to make a real difference in the world we have to become a success and play a certain role in society to be recognized and heard.

Many have this idea that the world will become a better place when certain institutions, governments, the economy etc. make changes. Human beings wait around for situations and people to change, believing that their lives will become more peaceful and enjoyable as a result. If we keep this belief in fact, we will be waiting around for centuries for this to be the case. Change first starts with YOU and only with you. What we think about and how we feel about our world and ourselves greatly impacts our physical reality. We are energetic beings in a constant motion of emitting and receiving energy. What we focus on and put out into the world then creates our reality. As energetic beings we are far more powerful than what we have been told and led to believe. When we fully step and stand in our power we assist the planet in a variety of ways.

It’s obvious that if we believe the information we are fed daily, we will consistently remain in the same state. As empowered individuals we have to make the personal choice to stop this cycle and do our inner work to see lasting change on Earth. If we want to achieve peace we must be peace. We must do the inner work to clear all that resides within us that isn’t of a peaceful nature. If we want to experience unconditional love, we must work on loving ourselves unconditionally and accepting all parts of our being. If we want to achieve oneness, we must clear all of the beliefs and ideas that we are separate from one another. If we want to live on a cleaner planet, we must make the necessary changes to be environmentally conscious. It takes concerted effort, dedication and consistent energy and focus on making this happen, but this is the only way we will really see true change occur.

We are going through a great change on this planet currently. For the first time in thousands of years the Consciousness of this planet is rising and the energy frequency is vibrating at a higher rate. All lower forms of energy and what we label as, “negative,” our limiting belief systems and fear based thought forms are now more easily able to dissolve and release. We are moving out of an energy and consciousness of fear and into one of love. We are moving from a state of separateness into that of oneness. We all have the ability to bring change to the planet in a more positive way. But we have to take the necessary action steps to create that, first as individuals and then as a whole. As we awaken and draw awareness to this knowledge, we become all that which we are meant to be. Stop complaining, stop the stories, stop the judgments, stop feeling hopeless and helpless and start BEING the change. Shine brightly and watch your inner and outer world transform as a result.


Vanessa Petronelli B.A., W.W.H.P. & Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

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We are just everyday people who have realised the world is not as it is presented to us by government and media. Our aims are: To raise awareness of the truth behind world events to the public To use (where possible) reliable and verifiable sources of information. To give honest and unbiased comment. To promote a shift in public attitudes from the ‘self’ to the wider concept of consciousness. To promote real thought about subjects that matter to the people of the world. To promote universal peace and respect. To help expose those who manipulate society. We believe: Government based on humanity not profit Equal human rights for ALL people Natural resources should be managed – not monetised GMO food crops and products should be banned Infrastructures (such as power, health, water and rail etc.) should be nationalised, not privatised Education should be non-secular, although encourage humanistic and spiritual development, and cover a wide range of practical and artistic subjects Laws should be based on humanistic principles, and punishments should be appropriate The time is fast approaching where all of us are going to have to WAKE UP and make choices about how the future is going to be

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